Meghan Hateration

God Bless Meghan McCain.  She has stepped her game up.  I did previous clown her on her whoa as me I can’t find a suitable dude to date to actually be expressing some thoughts that are refreshingly reasonable and have some common sense.  Things I am normally not used to hearing from someone who is from the GOP posse and especially not from the womenfolk on that side.

She was on Rachel Maddow’s show Mar 11 for not only one segment talking about her blog with her dislike of Ann Coultergeist but for an additional segment on the role of young people and the GOP.   Quite frankly I was impressed with what she had to say.  She wasn’t batshit crazy and obnoxious and self righteous which is what I am typically used to from the GOP ladies.  I don’t agree with all she says but as India Aire’s song states “There’s Hope”. Too bad others in her party can’t behave as civilized and mature as she does. If only she can perhaps recruit more young folks or even older ones that think like her and perhaps even consult with cornball ass Michael Steele on being able to excite the youth about the GOP. As a matter of fact I went onto her blog to send email telling her that.

Then we got the likes of Laura Ingraham hating on Miss Meghan and since she can’t articulate any other way on respectfully disagreeing with her this trick ass bitch gonna attack her weight with her hateful rethugicunt, lipstick bigotted bitch ass!!! Another lipstick bigotted bitch, Fox news commentator Andrea Tantaros also wrote snippy, mean girl ass comments to her as well. Thanks for the likes of Newhounds calling out Tantaros’s hypocritical ass.

DAYUM when did GOP women become soo “mean girls” just because one of them actually has a thought or opinion and outlook that isn’t mainstream GOP? Hateful ass jealous beyotchs!!! Apparently not only do you have to look like Stepford Wives in the GOP but you also have to think in the same robotic way and spew out the same GOP mantra as well without any critical thought or insight into other ways things can be done. That is a damn shame not only to see that mess from a party but for it to be showcased and be seen of women treating other women like shit!!! What kind of example is that for young women to see??

Even though I don’t agree with all of the idealogies of the GOP I gotta give Miss Meghan a shoutout on standing her ground and hopefully being “the change that is badly needed” for the GOP. Glad to see her on The View and putting those heifers in check who are hating on her!!!


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