LOVING (2016): New Trailer From Joel Edgerton, Michael Shannon & Ruth Negga — The Movie My Life

Starring Joel Edgerton, Michael Shannon and Ruth Negga, the title of todays movie, Loving isn’t just symbolic because of the nature of the story. It’s also poetic for it’s the surname of the key protagonists Richard and Mildred Loving. Loving tells the story of the interracial couple whose 1967 court case (Loving v. Virginia, 388 U.S. […]

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Brock Turner’s 6-month sentence in Stanford rape case sparks outrage – CNN.com


The next time I have white folks online or outloud in public bitch and whine to me about there’s no such thing as white privilege I will Sho Nuff show this article and say checkmate bitch!

The father in that BS letter posted in the link is in SERIOUS denial of the fact his son is a rapist. You can’t clean up something like that and shield that whatsoever. I wish I could find some strong armed dudes to handle that POS asshole IN THE WORSE WAY for this young woman who read this letter on court on her hell she has endured since that night of her rape!

I hope these mofos have MEGA MONEY to afford security along with that high priced legal counsel. This judge needs to be recalled. With this information being public the family and judge are probably getting threats on their lives scaring the shit out of them. GOOD! Since that SOB didn’t think about his victim’s life.

Disgusting that karma can’t come for both Brock Turner and George Zimmerman. SMDH

This EXCELLENT OP-ED offers a souffle as an analogy discussing this disturbing mix of rape culture and white privilege.

I also am glad to see this black man, Brian Blanks who was accused of rape speak out on his disgust on Brock Turner. Banks spent years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit before being released due to the woman lying.

God Bless Racial Hypocrisy in America!


What is defined as ok for black women to be?

THIS IS BS TO ME! These are young black women with a PHENOMENAL ACCOMPLISHMENT GRADUATING WEST POINT! This is a kick ass accomplishment for a need to show more of. Yet others are having a bitchfest over it!



BEING BLOWN THE FUCK OUT OF PROPORTION? THIS MAKES ME PISSED! I swear you can’t do anything as a black woman that’s not of the norm without it being crucified and scrutinized. Be it black women in a military academy graduating and excited on that hellish accomplish to overcome successfully or positively embracing their sexuality in a constructive way or speaking up politically about issues on gender or race. IT ALWAYS GETS FUCKING CRUCIFIED!

We live in an era were black women accomplishments are mostly celebrated in some of these sad ways. If they are overrated entertainers with way too damn many OP-EDs on their latest work, Instagram wannabe models and stereotypical celebutards not of major significance or having any relevant contribution to society who have a baby in an obnoxious media whoring family with a man child!!  Let me not forget Sambo, stereotypical black women supporting a xenophobic, racist, sexist presumptive GOP nominee.  Giving off the comfortable, acceptable way white folks ARE DEFINITELY OK with black women being. 



Hell just ask the likes of Piers Morgan.  Piers showcases typical middle age white man disconnect who is uncomfortable with race (alongside underlying downlow lust) critical analysis of Beyoncé’s Lemonade.  Yet per his Tweet with the Trump black women showcased his true colors of his racial comfort levels that are enjoyable.


Which deserved an unfollow by me when I saw that!

Shout out to a West Point graduate who defended these outstanding young women!

I am quite sure with all this BS focus there is some sexual assault mess going on not being addressed and investigated! But alas

God Bless Racial Hypocrisy in America! SMDH