Dumb Fuckafication of America WON & My Thoughts on the election~

desire2beinformedsaneIt has been over a week since hell froze over officially. I have taken the news in but still as the hashtag goes #NotMyPresident. I have been voting in elections regularly since 1996. Most times I voted just to make sure it was counted for. Even if I felt that the candidates don’t appeal to me or not really my cup of tea. 2008 and 2012 were of course the exceptions to my voting history with Barack Obama I voted for. Was I a fan of all his policies and actions he took during his 8 years? HELL NO especially with things that could have been improved with Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”). Unlike a bulk of black people I actually took time to critically analyze things he did I didn’t agree with.

I always say when bringing up racial double standards God Bless Racial Hypocrisy in America. Well Tuesday night into Wednesday morning brought my favorite saying into fruition BIG TIME. I had to laugh my ass off and shake my head with the Facebook posts of NOW unfriended white folks (who obviously were among the ones who voted Trump, whether they liked him or not) who complained and were very much clueless on the anger and frustration of people with the results and basically saying “get over it he’s the President now”.  Mind you these were women who count among the 53% of white women voters for Trump.  At this point in my life when it comes to racial attitudes & efforts to understand I have no patience or tolerance for blissful white people ignorance I didn’t respond back to those posts. I just unfriended and kept it moving. I don’t mind people whose views and outlooks are different than mine. That makes life great to interact with different people. But the one thing I try my best to do is learn and understand others experiences even if I don’t agree with them. I wondered with these two individuals who posted their white oblivious BS were they friends with or had acquaintances with people of color who don’t feel like they do on “get over it”. I have to say while they are good people overall I doubt they do interact regularly outside of work with people with different experiences even if they are individuals who are well traveled. I am discovering as I am getting older that I have no patience or tolerance for disconnected people clueless to experiences and understanding of others not like them. So I was glad for the weeding out of individuals to unfollow on Facebook who posted their “true colors” and gave away who they voted for at the same time.

I remain disgusted on the various conflicts of interest with son in law Jared Kushner and Rudy “Pimp 911” Giuliani that I keep continuously hearing about ad naseum. Sadly Dumb Fuckafication of America in awe of so called “change” & voting on “fear and ignorance” couldn’t have given 2 shits about all of this! Which is outright sad to me!  Van Jones sums this up to the T on CNN as well as on ABC’s This Week with ignorant ass conservative clueless white Mary Matalin.

All of these emboldened white folks acting a fool such as Trump loving cop, being mean to kids of color threatening deportation, a black Vet who couldn’t get a free Chili’s meal on Veterans day because of a bigoted white World War II vet was believed by a dumbass young manager that this man didn’t serve his country and even to black Starbucks employee getting crazy. All I can say to white Trump heads is be mindful of who you deal with of people of color. Because it is not the days of the 60’s and MLK’s turn the other cheek. Step wrong to the wrong person of color and you might get your feelings hurt along with some other things if not careful. Oh and white folks seeing people of color attacked who did no harm and remaining silent and not taking a stand? While loving black culture and fetishizing black men and women at the same time? Your silence SPEAKS LOUDLY on your hypocrisy and defending of white supremacy!

The prior post I had prior to sharing my thoughts sums up how I feel to the T of this election!!

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