Brock Turner’s 6-month sentence in Stanford rape case sparks outrage –


The next time I have white folks online or outloud in public bitch and whine to me about there’s no such thing as white privilege I will Sho Nuff show this article and say checkmate bitch!

The father in that BS letter posted in the link is in SERIOUS denial of the fact his son is a rapist. You can’t clean up something like that and shield that whatsoever. I wish I could find some strong armed dudes to handle that POS asshole IN THE WORSE WAY for this young woman who read this letter on court on her hell she has endured since that night of her rape!

I hope these mofos have MEGA MONEY to afford security along with that high priced legal counsel. This judge needs to be recalled. With this information being public the family and judge are probably getting threats on their lives scaring the shit out of them. GOOD! Since that SOB didn’t think about his victim’s life.

Disgusting that karma can’t come for both Brock Turner and George Zimmerman. SMDH

This EXCELLENT OP-ED offers a souffle as an analogy discussing this disturbing mix of rape culture and white privilege.

I also am glad to see this black man, Brian Blanks who was accused of rape speak out on his disgust on Brock Turner. Banks spent years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit before being released due to the woman lying.

God Bless Racial Hypocrisy in America!


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