Holiday Shopping Advice


I do try to offer helpful advice to people. This will be my post on customer experiences so they can help someone else.

One thing I can strongly say. If you purchase something you spent or plan to spend mega money on? Take time & be patient to actually learn how to use it. Even before buying it really assess if this item fits your interests and needs. Ask questions related to how you plan to use the item of interest to purchase. Utilize any personal training you bought for this item to see if that helps with understanding it. Seek out tutorials online or in book form (I do suggest In Easy Steps book series) to help you with the item(s) you have spent money on. Especially if the purchase is a smartphone, computer or tablet. Determine what you or whoever is getting the item as a gift will be using it for. Buy the item(s) that will fit those needs and than some. The goal is to hopefully have that item last you for several years. If you buy an item looking at how cheap the price is and not look at the specs and not consider what it can do for you in the long term and it has issues after purchasing it? Well you are getting what you paid for if it goes bust! #NoSympathy4TheDevil

If you get a smartphone please realize this. You have to have that phone tied with an email account in order to operate it to purchase music or download apps from an app store. If purchasing the phone from a carrier have them help you set up your email account before you leave the store if not familiar with how to do it. After your purchase PLEASE take time to familiarize yourself with your phone, how to work the camera, the settings, other features and customizing it to fit for you of easy access to apps & features.

If looking at a gaming console & video games for kids? Find out by asking them on the sneak tip what they like. Research the consoles and desired video games in advance online (especially the content of the games and ratings) before going to the store. This helps cut down on your time at the store and the sales person being able to focus telling you the additional features of the console, warranty available for it and discuss other games to get based on age of the kid(s). It may be advisable to not bring the kids when making the potential purchase or asking additional questions on video games & consoles.

For older folks don’t get the latest and greatest whatever and find out it is too much and overwhelming. Try out items and go at your own pace learning how to use it. Get something on a smaller scale that isn’t so overwhelming to use if not very tech savvy and you don’t always have tech help from family & friends. I also strongly recommend again In Easy Steps series of books which are beneficial to use, affordable and easy to read.

I hope these words of advice are helpful in your holiday or everyday regular shopping! 😀


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