Ben Carson’s career in politics

This OP-ED speaks to me on all levels of TRUTH on Ben Carson! But I will speak on it up like this.

Conservative White folks don’t fear black men like Carson. He speaks xenophobia like they do. He can be held up as the smart black guy who is smart at what he is skilled in. He’s not threatening with his voice and demeanor and likable nature with insight ala Obama. He isn’t a racial antagonist like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Hell he doesn’t acknowledge race at all which white conservatives LOVE from blacks like Carson. Especially if you are pushing mostly you are Christian. Even if you aren’t really Christ like in how you treat folks! #RollingMyEyes

He is handsome but not exuding of an Idris Elba sexual energy & sex appeal WHATSOEVER to make white women wanna sex him. Carson has energy to  basically make you wanna go to sleep when he speaks! LMAO

So yes for conservative white men like
Jonah Goldberg & Rupert Murdoch  Carson fits their fucked up distorted version of an acceptable authentically good magical negro they relish and prefer! ROTFLMAO 😂

Ben Carson’s career in politics


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