Since I’m on a MilitantMidget Fangirl mode on ‘Dris I might as well keep it 1000

Keeping it 1000 like my man Larry Wilmore! Repeating myself AGAIN on this topic! As well as finding OP-EDs that emphasize my #MilitantMidget Fangirl moment

Plus this gives me an excuse to post pictures to illustrate what’s fearful. #LawdJesus  #FansMyself  LMAO


The real honest deal though to be truly blunt? It’s not just black women but white women that dig it too. Mainstream & Hollyweird doesn’t care what black women find sexy. But the thought of white women actually find a non white guy incredibly sexy & fuckable? Even in 2015 almost 2016 that’s scary to mainstream media & Hollyweird. People Magazine didn’t have balls to give this man a solo #SexiestManAlive cover. Because of that same fear and also to make sure they can sell issues in middle America. No one wants to bluntly say that shit! That a talented phenomenal actor is a sexy MFer (very natural and not manfactured) and yikes white women have fantasies of #sexualchocolate. Which makes that an underlying fear of that author with his small penis complex bitchassness! LMAO

That’s why you will not see him cast in a love interest role like a Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling. Or that bland ass 50 Shades guy who didn’t turn me on! #RealTalk #Seriously #SadButTrue #YeahISaidIt #DropsMic

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