Kudos & Mad Love to Maxim Magazine & a Big FU to People Magazine

Sorry but this right here?


Umm I don’t get that gung ho over it.

We have been thru this People cover BS before

Reason why? My man always makes the #SexiestManAlive list in People but never a full cover. I have addressed this issue before too.

People Magazine ain’t had a black man with that title since Denzel. That was almost 20 years of 1996.


Which is baffling because apparently People Magazine doesn’t realize umm white chicks dig Dris too! But don’t tell them that! They need to play it safe to sell magazines in  Middle America!

I mean heaven forbid a white woman living in very little diversity small Oklahoma town (or upper Northeast part of the US) envisions & daydreams look like this after watching “No Good Deed”

while her dumbass xenophobic hubby lusting after Megyn Kelly or Stacy Dash on Fox News don’t know! ROTFLMAO 😂

I have riped People a new asshole on Twitter about it too! #4Real

So Slow clap for People Magazine but I ain’t forgot their diss of my ‘Dris last year for #SexiestManAlive. As far as a full cover! #RealTalk  #RollingMyEyes #RecognizeThat SMDH

People Magazine is a Mainstream Middle America appealing magazine since 1974. Unfortunately that magazine has the same outlook as 1974 when it comes to male sex appeal in the 21st century specifically being white and male! But men of color are sexy and handsome to behold within the pages. Just not outside of it with a full ass cover! This symbolism from a movie seems fitting to put here!

#RealTalk #Seriously

There has also been OP-EDs such as this one and this one dogging People Magazine’s outlook mindset on #SexiestManAlive covers. So that’s why I honestly felt like doing one of my own. If I worked for People Magazine I would probably be NEARLY FIRED OR QUIT! For being a kick ass, hell raising, black bitch with my militant midget side fighting with co workers on who I want for the cover if I was among the decision makers. Telling them exactly my thoughts & reasoning I just posted!

I fan girl squeal & shout out Maxim Magazine for having the forward thinking brass balls that People Magazine lacks! Especially on now evolving with the times. #LawdJesus #FansMyself #IStayFascinated

Even if what I find sexy in black men as a black woman ain’t acknowledged (because mainstream outlets don’t really care about black women views on serious or miscellaneous topics). Yet when the mainstream (or other non black women especially) acknowledge it then becomes a BFD. #SadButTrue


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