Is Kanye a genius or is he one of the rudest people on earth?

He hasn’t been right mentally in the head since his mother passed away. I have said this since his mother died 6-7 years ago and CONTINUE to say this! It has manifested in the behaviors he is showcasing since her passing.

politics from the eyes of an ebony mom

I am starting to believe that Kanye West is Beyoncé’s publicist. He believes he must defend her whenever she does not receive an award that he believes she should receive. He interrupted Taylor Swift when he felt Beyoncé had been robbed, and last night he stepped up to the mike as Beck received his award. He did not interrupt him but he nevertheless stole his moment. Why does Kanye feel he has a right to do this? Well, he’s a genius. At least people have called him one, and he obviously believes it. As a genius he believes he can do and say anything he wants. So as a genius his opinion is superior to the mere mortals who award the Grammys. Come on Man…Kanye is a bully. His music is hot and he shares a bed with a reality star, but he is no genius. He is just plain…

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