Oppression of Black Women

Enjoyed reading her perspective which I cosign on.


I believe that black women are by far the most oppressed group of today’s
society. My reasoning for this is endless. Let me begin with the horrible stereotypes that are associated with us. Not to mention that were always being mocked in the media and by other groups. Today’s generation have a distinct disrespect for black women. For instance many people go on rants about not wanting to date us , those may include black men as well. Social network is the primary source where this hate is re blogged, retweeted and reposted. Many people just want to see us as loud , belligerent and vicious. I find this painful, because I see no sign of the oppression letting up. As weird as it may say their is inner black women hate coming from other black women. For instance the natural versus relaxed topic which is extremely heated. Naturalist may…

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