The Black History Month Series 2015: Mr. Gordon Parks. Photographer. Pianist. Songwriter. Director.

Very good images to showcase for Black History Month…

The Militant Negro™

Mr MilitantNegro™    Jueseppi B. Mr MilitantNegro™
Jueseppi B.


The Black History Month Series 2015: Gordon Parks (November 30, 1912 – March 7, 2006)

Writer, Photographer, Pianist, Songwriter,Director (1912–2006

Gordon Parks was a prolific, world-renowned photographer, writer, composer and filmmaker known for his work on projects like Shaft and The Learning Tree.


Born on November 30, 1912, in Fort Scott, Kansas, Gordon Parks was a self-taught artist who became the first African-American photographer for Life andVogue magazines. He also pursued movie directing and screenwriting, working at the helm of the filmsThe Learning Tree, based on a novel he wrote, andShaft

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