Michael Sam: I Wish I Hadn’t Come Out Publicly | NewNowNext

Oh now he got remorse? #DudeBye & #PleaseHaveASeat . Be out but damn don’t have GAY be all U about as a football player dumbass. He allowed them fools running him to control him being the GAY Football player and pimping GAY status & basically being used by organizations like GLAAD. Instead of focus more on you being a football player and how U will contribute to the team your skills ! He allowed others to control his narrative to pimp the gay agenda! #RealTalk

Who the hell is managing and advising this sucker?! Uuugh he needs Olivia Pope to check him! Now he may be playing Canadian football cause no US team wanna touch his ass with his baggage! In the words of Fred Sanford: “You Big Dummy”. Please take yo ass to Canada!


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