About some Adrian Peterson…

Yeah I am back folks ranting but I will flip the script soon and do something lighthearted…

Sorry but if you want to spank your child for misbehaving that’s not a problem. That is an extreme case and black folks need to stop that shit of giving that a pass with this man as well as they find it that being ok. Yet multiple kids from different women from this dude is WTF and not sadly an outrage from black folks.

Another thing missed is the emotional wounds and hurt of this man from a son Adrian Peterson he lost to ironically enough to abuse from a stranger.  Unfortunately the media hasn’t talk JACK about this!!

Spanking for discipline & to correct behavior is one thing. My sense is this was done out of frustration to extreme. Umm who spanks their kid to such extremes near their genitals black folks. #StopTheMadness with the excuses black folks. Just stop.

As Adrian Peterson has said this is how he was raised his son will be raised to do the same thing if he has kids or dates women. Furthermore his son may also learn from dad that having multiple kids from different women becauase you make bad choices with your dick on women & don’t believe in condoms is also ok. Black people WAKE UP seriously to messages being passed on that are emotionally damaging to a black kid! #StopTheExcuses #RealTalk



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