More of my NFL Random Thoughts

This piggybacks the last post I had.  I needed to make this rant an actually blog random thoughts post! #RealTalk

NFL needs to get rid of Roger Goodell and if not Condi Rice perhaps get a female to crack the fucking whip on the “boys will be boys” misbehavior stanking up the league for sooo many years. Looong before Ray Rice was even born!  I was not at all pleased with the BS Press Conference from Goodell whatsoever and his lack of accountability.

Set stringent actions of policies on anything related to misbehavior. Set those same policies on anything related to drugs, guns and abuse of pets or humans. Make sure with rookies they are educated about the morality clause and heavily made aware of the fact they are the face of NFL. Also old timers re educate them on the morality clause too & they are the face of the NFL! Oh and also educate on “at will” employment and contract ain’t no guarantee if U wanna act a fool in the following ways (yet these are examples with others to be added): with a gun in any way, be a drunken ass fool, not own up to being a baby daddy after a one night stand with a THOT (This Hoe Over There) after the game & heavy drinking, beat your chick or kid, put a date rape drug in a drink to get her to sex U, or go buck wild with groupie THOTs (your wife don’t know about) who want to file rape charges on your Mandingo bragging ass! #RealTalk



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