Haven’t posted in a while

I will try to be more regular posting on my blog. Been busy with work and life! But needed to share my two cents on the latest mess with My Beloved Baltimore Ravens and the Worse Week Ever for them.

Well there’s the 16-23 loss against the Cincinnati Bengals for the game opener .  Oh and that Ray Rice drama that resurfaced on this matter that should have been resolved off season BUSTED WIDE OPEN SADLY WITH THE OTHER PORTION OF IT MISSED courtesy of TMZ. Here’s a recap.

This is My POV on it

Sorry but God is the one who forgives. I don’t feel bad in the least for his loss of a job. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some kind of morality clause in the contract Ray missed the memo on.  I don’t condone neither of their actions but society especially NFL doesn’t seem to take domestic violence seriously. Especially when $$ is involved.  Perhaps somewhere down the road he can return to football but sorry I don’t want him.  I can’t take seriously a dude who once had anti-bullying as a public campaign platform and NOW there’s a video that contradicts it.

A money making organization like NFL has had a HISTORY of asshole heterosexual men behaving badly in mistreatment towards women. But football folks trip on Michael Sam (in spite of him over pimping his gay status over his talents ad naseum)? You have had these fools be in adulterous affairs with ignorant, star struck, groupie chicks that result in innocent kids born. Sometimes these assholes don’t want to pay up for their wrongful thinking with the wrong head actions (when using a condom is soo much cheaper). You have date rape drug involvement from the likes of of Darren Sharper (who is a good looking man so WTF he need to do that to get women).  You also have to the extreme worse cases like Jovan Belcher and to give a #ThrowbackThursday reference Rae Caruth  (here’s a recap of his heinous actions if forgotten). Oh and who could forget the repulsive pass given to Steelers quarterback Big Ben the Rapist? I truly wish that the NFL would give deep in depth discussion swith the newbies drafted on the aspect of the morality clause & their actions they do as public figures(as well as unfortunate consequences) when not in uniform on Sunday/Monday/Thursday. If I worked for them that would be the major thing I would push for! #RealTalk

NFL needed to take a stand ASAP as the “brand” was taking a major hit image wise (no pun in intended). Not a good look when now more than ever women make up the bulk of the fanbase support of the NFL financially buying tickets & team merchandise! Roger Goodell is repulsive & I find sadly the Ravens management organization the same too of not pushing to find the full tape.  TMZ even went to NFL to find out what they would do before busting their asses! Ravens team owner Steve Bisciotti basically stated EPIC FAIL in his wack ass letter . I wish all of this would have been resolved off season and not stinking up current season.

Let Ray & Janay have time to get help and work on regrouping as a family. Maybe down the road he can return to football but sorry not now from my POV. Hope he invest that 25 million wisely. #RealTalk



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