Morning Joe Rant

And yet this segment RIGHT HERE is the reason I am soooo glad I am in my preparing for work mode as I poke in on Morning Joe (affectionately called by me “The Ike and Tina AM Revue”) and get to cuss from the tv set at home. He’s such a patronizing, condescending SOB asshole. No wonder that mofo Joe got divorced from wife #2 who probably dealt with his similar shit. SMDH

No diss to the main black men in MoJoe regular rotation (Al Sharpton, Jonathan Capehart, Harold Ford, Eugene Robinson, Wes Moore) on there but seriously I am not about his BS and his behavior and I have no problem saying dude you need to calm it down and not interrupt other people’s POVs that they give. As well as not speak to me in a condescending tone. I would be the wrong black woman to cross wrong and interrupt! #RealTalk


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