Chicks on the Right and #BanBossy take & My POV to them

I had a friend of mine online send me this respective article from conservative bloggers who call themselves “Chicks on the Right” and their perceived liberal orientated #BanBossy campaign. I was intrigued with the post. They seem to be more fixated on it’s liberal agenda and not aligned with how they are political then perhaps the overall general content of the #BanBossy campaign of empowering young girls and challenging gender roles. I could really care less on Beyoncé being a spokesperson (as she is just not really an individual I look to for aspects of empowerment outside of her business model) for this campaign but I was fascinated with how in my view the disdain from conservative white women on a famous black woman expressing herself on an intimate level with her husband. I am no Beyoncé fan but I can easily read between the lines of what is up and unfortunately the filter Chicks on the Right view things in from a political distorted lense. Even things not like #BanBossy that really isn’t political orientated. I am quite sure if Beyoncé had political leanings like “Chicks on The Right” I don’t see it being an uber issue for them in my view. Shout out to Persephone Magazine with their rebuttal to them uptight broads.

Here is mine to “Chicks on The Right” just in case those broads delete it!

Words of advice I feel I should give to “Chicks on the Right”. If we must call out “vapid, mindless” chicks may I please oh please advise for conservative women to stop idolizing “vapid, mindless” chicks like Sarah Palin. She pretty much to me is the conservative equivalent of a Beyoncé in terms of how she is viewed and pushed out there. Shoot she was the closer for the 2014 CPAC event and I am quite sure there was a packed audience in the room to see her just like it is for a Beyoncé concert.

To me she does NOTHING for conservative women but showcase how it is cool and ok to be a middle age media whoring, immature, petty MEAN GIRL (who happenes to also be a grandmom). So is that a better role model for women since the sexuality of Beyoncé seems to be a bother for you? Oh I keep forgetting when it comes to Palin she has an aspect of sexuality that deep down conservatives REALLY thrive on. Conservative women TRULY wanna be like or similar to her, and the conservative fellas truly wanna DO (she is their epitome of a “real woman” who is traditional, loves to go hunting and is a great hot arm piece to brag to the fellas about). May I also add the hypocrisy of conservative women to be all dogging on Beyoncé yet offer not a peep on the sexualizing of the women of Fox news? With their touseled hair, form fitting tops and short skirts always showing the right amount of leg and thigh combo? Real Talk ladies on your hypocrisy of the soft core porn on Fox news and its womenfolk showcased on there!

So as the sexually repressed “Chicks on the Right” white women criticize Beyonce calling her a tramp recognize this. Focus on yourselves and your less than challenging and enduring role models on the right which actually set conservative women the hell back. Need I also add that perhaps some of them thangs Beyonce does to keep her hubby at the home (which seems to be of disdain per the OP-ED) you women pick up on. Actually pick up some techniques and skills to keep them homefires burning being that “fantasy tramp” for your man. Conservative men are notorious for their freaky fetish, fixation & lusts on PYTs (that’s “Pretty Young Thing” ala the Michael Jackson song yall) and looking for the next upgrade or sexual thrill. Yall betta act like you know and don’t turn your nose up! Quiet as it is kept as you hate on Beyoncé and what she is saying lyrically & visually, your man is TURNED ON digging that stuff and perhaps jerking off to that along with images of the women on Fox News. Call it a woman trying to help other uptight sexually repressed women out! But hey to each her own! LOL

And another thing Chicks on the Right? When we don’t have legislation and laws fixated on objectifying women when it comes to not paying equally for the same work men do or being all in the business of womenfolk and reproductive rights (transvaginal probe) or say crazy nonsense like Todd “legitimate rape” Akins I will take your disdain for something trivial like #BanBossy campaign more seriously.

Let me know when conservative women can address on more pressing matters related to women’s issue (such as equal pay, advanced opportunities in non traditional careers like STEM and reproductive rights) without repeating non sense talking points from your conservative men folks.


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