Ok you’re not Idris Elba and…

This is actually gonna be a fun blog to post on. All because I have added necessary eye candy to make it that more delightful! LORD HAVE MERCY! LMBAO

Recently some dude on Twitter lamented his girlfriend celebrity crushing on British Dark Chocolate Sexiness actor Idris Elba. So dude took to social media to post the item below.


Other fellas chimmed in on Twitter as well with their lamenting as well on “Idris Elba didn’t do…” blah blah. I found all of this incredibly funny indeed the social media craziness over fellas hating that hard on their girl’s celebrity crush (which is also mine as well if you can’t already tell-LMAO).

This is how I feel on the matter. If you are a secure dude and love your relationship with your woman you aren’t hating on another dude women tripping over and possibly can’t get. Men got all kinds of eye candy GALORE THEY TRIP ON & GET BONERS OVER. Dudes go hang out at strip clubs and whatnot salivating over women they can’t get unless they be “making it rain” on them. Yet either as a simple rant with issues within the relationship, comical player hating or having a general whine fest these dudes on Twitter are getting their little feelings hurt. Over a dude who don’t give a damn about  whiny fellas on Twitter.

Truth be told Idris himself has been thru some mess in the pass few years including his father’s passing last year in the midst of him preparing for the media rounds to promote “Mandela”. Brothers hating on Idris actually do good to Google the man and get some 411 on the madness & challenges behind success. I am quite sure unlike Idris these hating ass dudes haven’t gone thru some chick lying on having a kid by them only to find out in actuality the kid ain’t theirs. This really hurt him badly (addressed in Oct ’13 US GQ magazine). Yet In spite of all that the man stays grinding at his diverse crafts (KICK ASS DJ ANYONE) and SEXY AS HELL!

All that glitter player man haters on Idris ain’t gold. His work ethic and hustle IS VERY VERY MUCH AN APHRODISIAC! Women love a hard working passionate man that aspires to a level of greatness. If you also look good too? What an added bonus!

This dark chocolate of sexiness has paid his dues on where he is at now and where he plans to go.
All of this whiny “Idris didn’t do…” hate on this dude? Really Bitches Really whining over this?

If you feel that low about where you currently stand as a man and things going on with your life that may not be going the way you want it to my strongest advise to you is to STEP YOUR GAME THE HELL UP (and perhaps your clothing attire too cause LORD HAVE MERCY HE CAN DRESS) as well as your own confidence, swagger, charm, personality and keep it moving! Can I also add that these black men whining on Twitter player hating on another black man who got it going on makes it look REALLY BAD & VERY WTF to an average person? I mean I doubt seriously there was this much black male player hating when in the 70’s it was Billy Dee Williams as the de facto black male sex symbol (for lack of a better word) or when it was Denzel Washington for the 80’s thru today. Goodness!

Oh and The icing on the cake to all this nuttiness is the man himself and his fantastic response TO SHUT IT DOWN!! Yes he is not sorry to be Idris Elba & God he’s soo dreamy!  LMAO


Oh and memo to People Magazine? WTF? Adam Levine is really attractive don’t get me wrong. But yall have done best to connect with your sister magazine Essence to tell you who really the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE IS FOR REAL THOUGH! I mean any man that has the same effect on me as he does THIS WOMAN (WHO AIN’T HAVING TO PEE BY THE WAY-LMBAO) in the UK is worthy of that title. Hell People yall haven’t done a black man as “Sexiest Man Alive” since 1996 giving that title to Denzel Washington. My man included among the bunch don’t count the same to me! Sorry it just don’t! UUUGH!


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