Music & tv related thoughts on Idris

I have to do a music related follow up blog to the prior Idris one.  I don’t know what it is but besides hearing Marvin Gaye song A, Marvin Gaye song B and Prince songs (particularly “International Lover”) in my head when I look at this dude, THIS SONG RIGHT HERE obsessively plays in my head! As I visualize the walk & swagger this Sexual Chocolate EXUDES!!

LordHaveMercyIdris LordHaveMercyIdris2










Oh and there is this OMG picture that has been circulating in the social media atmosphere
(go hit up Instagram #IdrisElba in the search by the way) as well that has a LOT TO DO WITH IT!


Oh I sooo totally NEED A REMIXED VERSION of this CLASSIC “The Jeffersons” episode where Florence was tripping on some fake Billy Dee Williams but it turned out to be THE REAL ONE! HER REACTION IS PRICELESS & if it was this talk drink of hot chocolate I soooo relate! LMBAO


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