Conservative faux outrage over a tweet to be pimped

Love that someone other than myself is also not fooled by the hypocritical BS of Michelle Malkin and the latest right wing outrage over a MSNBC tweet.  The tweet was about conservatives not liking a Cheerios commerical scheduled to air during the Superbowl.  The MSNBC tweet was dumb overall to post ok right wingers? Yet so was the right wing outrage over it and all on this “We love are bi-racial families” rant spearheaded by Malkin.  Too bad Malkin and the right wing were apparently just SOO CLUELESS and didn’t say shit on the hateful rhetoric, more than likely conservative leaning on last year’s Cheerios ad received on the Youtube Cheerios Channel. I don’t recall any Malkin shit talking during that timeframe to stand up for the first commerical and the hateful flack it received.

I tell ya there’s nothing like some hypocritical Malkin to pimp race when she sees it fit to do so as showcased right here. Rather funny for her to post this when just a few week ago the Twitchy site was trashing Richard Sherman with racial overtones along with her minions who post on her respective pages she spews her BS hypocrisy on. But hey what can one expect from a hypocrite who defends the likes of right wing bigots like Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson who fondly remembers pre Civil Rights Blacks.

I find it hilarious as hell for conservatives to be soo outrage that RNC Chair Reince Preibus has banned his figureheads from RNC to appear on MSNBC .  Hey Preibus I didn’t see you showcase outrage over your ilk spewing hate on a Cheerios ad from 2013?  Yet these same SOBs don’t seem to address the policies they stand for that impact biracial families of color in not soo good ways.  Things such as wanting to for the zillionth time get rid of Obamacare and cut funding for social services.  Oh and we can’t forget unemployment benefits either.   But hey what do I know.

Of course MSNBC just like with Martin Bashir and most recently with Melissa Harris Perry has had to cave in to a weak ass apology to the hypocritical right wing bullies. Being the punk ass bitches that they are as usual. Which doesn’t shock me in the least with the network whatsoever! SMDH

I soo thank the likes of Karen Hunter for this tweet which I made sure Twitchy & Malkin got sent:

When @Reince starts checking the bigots within his party (Duck Dynasty, Nugent, Trump), his outrage will some have credibility.

I truly truly thank Lance Burson’s own OP-ED calling out Malkin’s hypocritical outrage over this.


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