Baltimore Sun – Columbia mall shooting story offers revealing look at local, cable TV news

I soo love Dan Roderick’s OP-ED! It is DEAD ON TO HOW I FEEL! I live nearby this mall and actually was in the mall over a month ago. Ironically in the vicinity of where the tragic event took place Jan 25.

People should ask themselves when in the hell will people make the connection with mental health and someone’s access to guns? Sadly I don’t expect rabid gun owners who hold onto their 2nd Amendment rights like Linus (from Peanuts) does his blanket to give a damn!  I sadly do expect politicians from the left or right who get paid from gun lobbyists and NRA to do like what they did after Newtown:


Sadly I expect my same rant at the next gun violent tragedy to impact an area that this was least expected in. I apologize in advancd if it is repeated but it will sho nuff bare repeating!

Share this OP-ED to someone who may actually give a damn or change their outlook! SMDH


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