Tamera Mowry is not alone

A constant supporter of bigots without fail on a BS post. Spare me please Michelle Malkin on the dramatics and the whine fest on the mistreatment of Sambo conservatives of color who just like you heavily defend and support BIGOTS of your conservative feather (that flock together).

Laughable indeed the mention of Clarence Thomas and EPIC FAIL BS hypocrisy to address the Tea Party ties of his WHITE WIFE which influences how he makes important decisions as Supreme Court Justice!! Funny how to forget Clarence Thomas’s Super Freak ways that Anita Hill has fully addressed about his ass back in the 90’s

Who that fugly dude marries I could careless about (cause his wife fugly too). That bitch wife of his and her influencing how that SOB makes choices that impact myself and other Americans has GREATER VALUE!

Tamera Mowry is not alone.


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