My Hometown Superbowl Heroes & how Ravens win is full circle for me!

I never thought in my lifetime I would ever be into watching ANY KIND OF SPORTS! NO LIE!! I just thought I would be a casual local team watcher and regular Super Bowl watcher. Well since 2001, over damn 12 years & countless screaming & cussing at games every season on TV  later watching Baltimore Ravens win 2 Superbowls LATER I wouldn’t change a damn thing about being a crazy Imperfect Christian Ravens fan! Ride or Die!

I love & enjoy the ride! My hometown area is my heart & truly makes me smile with all the fellas have endured this past season as a team and as individuals! Even if Flacco wasn’t who I wanted for MVP that’s ok too! LMAO

A 49ers fan on Facebook clowned on Ray Lewis all hugged up on owner Steve Biscotti. I had to put this chick in check & tell her the family unity the entire Ravens organization is & they treat one another as brothers! They also treat the Baltimore area fans also like family.  As was very evident with the celebration in the city on a cloudy, cold February 5th day.

That is why I am glad to see “Christmas in Baltimore” & Purple Angry Birds returning home to their community family with that Lombardi trophy to Dirty Ass Baltimore!

Superbowl Champs


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