Jackson Family: Katherine Jackson Returns Home Amid Feud Rumors

I need for MJ’s kids to stay the hell off of Twitter telling all their family ish for starters!! They have to realize and apparently not very aware of the fact being kids of an uber famous father makes them be set up to be used by not only family but outside people as well. Although MJ has his quirks and oddities I would hope Paris, Prince and Blanket have picked up their father’s cautious manner of trusting people. They sho nuff didn’t pick up not putting all their biz in the streets from him!

To a lot of degree I can see why Mike limited his interactions with his immediate family seeing how they can be. Especially Jermaine & Randy’s trifling ***!

I hope that TJ can be considered for custodian in the event Katherine is to ill to take care of them.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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