The Shy Comedian

So I think that I am going to make this a reoccurring post on my blog. Everyday, when I log into my AIM, my E-mail, my ANYTHING, I get headlines for some of the stupidest stuff that our society deams as being “news worthy.” It honestly makes me die inside that I have to consider myself a part of this sad excuse for a society. So here we go: (also, if you consider any of this interesting “news”, please walk into oncoming traffic.)

“WHO CARES?!” This was the first thing I saw this morning when I logged onto my computer and it made me want to stick needles in my eyes. If this article could get any worse, this Tara Reid low pant MASSACRE happened 11 years ago…. Gotta love the follow up link: “Plus, what she looks like now will stun you.” Unless Tara Reid sprouted a horn on her forehead and has rainbows…

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