Obama Camp Responds To Santorum’s Comments About Malia

Funny for Santorum to pop off out the mouth on a politicians kids. I know he doesn’t want discussed the fetus in a jar he brought home to showcase to his kids. Or perhaps the fact he keeps his kids at home and home schooled and it appears to me around mostly white Christian conservatives to not be exposed to “blah” (aka black) people or others with different points of views. We can’t have Santorum kids having different viewpoints. Oh and let’s not even go there discussing Elizabeth (the oldest daughter) and her being molded to be like mommy Karen to pop out a litter of puppies and educated that birth control is the devil. I wonder if Elizabeth asks mom about her life before daddy and her original view of birth control. That right there is a good mother and daughter chat to have! Elizabeth is sooo indoctrinated in daddy’s old fashioned Donna Reed-June Cleaver circa 1950’s housewife POV and sexist outlook on women it is sad. Let’s not even talk about the icky factor of Rick’s views on S-E-X and it’s only for procreation in marriage and that’s all! So once again we need to not go there on what Santorum teaches in his household as a parent to his own kids. I’m just saying!
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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