Elisabeth Hasselbeck Criticizes Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda And Robin Morgan Over Rush Limbaugh Op-Ed (VIDEO)

Hasselbeck asked, “My question to them is why are they so selective in their feminism and why aren’t they burning their bras when a conservative woman is attacked by a man on TV or radio, saying things that are classified as misogynistic?”

My question to Dizzy Lizzy is why should I as a moderate politics wise and thinking wise woman bother to support your right wing Sisterhood of Lipstick Bigoted Witches? Especially as they do nothing but showcase their venomous “Mean Girl” streak every time they pop off at the mouth with their stupid *** comments. Especially when they are about attacking and FLAT OUT DISRESPECTING FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA OR SANDRA FLUKE (i.e. Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Michele Malkin, Andrea Tantoros, Michelle Bachmann, Dana Loesche, S.E. Cupp, Laura Ingraham, Patricia Heaton). SO H E L L NO U will NOT SEE MY EVER come to the defense of women like the examples I gave who can DISH IT OUT BUT WANNA WHINE AND CRY SEXISM when they are attack.

Furthermore when conservative women idolize old school broads like a Phylis Schafly sorry but you get no respect from the likes of me!!!
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