Chris Brown Says ‘Hate All You Want Because I Got A Grammy’

Can someone teach this SOB about humility and public relations? Apparently TEAM BROWN ain’t teaching this fool nada! He keeps forever putting his foot in his *** with his comments. Too bad these dumb *** black girls who follow him can’t wake up to how not bright he is! A Grammy don’t mean **** a-hole. Soo sad in light of Whitney’s passing he couldn’t showcase more humble pie and less arrogance and cockiness. I wonder if he finds himself in trouble or stopped by the cops will he run that Tweeter comment by them!

Note to Chris: Learn how to handle your emotions and grow the **** up! People can’t no longer give you a pass because of being young (unlike your enabling manager and mom).

Oh and CB, Whitney & MJ got Grammies too and look at sadly were their demons landed them. Get a hold of your demons before it’s too late! SMH
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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