Roland Martin Meets With GLAAD Over Controversial Tweets

Gee now only if the (white) gay mafia group GLAAD community would actively support the President who is as good as it gets to supporting the gay community. Lord knows GOP Presidenti­al candidates think of gays as less than human! Where is the outrage GLAAD on gay comments from Frothy Mix Santorum. Only if interests and issues of gays of color I could see more involvemen­t with GLAAD in. How ironic for GLAAD to take a comment to blow out of proportion that while implied (per ones assumption­s and interpreta­tions) no violence advocated towards gays. Yet not stand up to the disrespect the President gets on a regular basis. I am surprised at The GLAAD police not calling for the firing of the man on Fox that took a dig at Rachel Maddow and her parents! Hmm sounds like GLAAD likes to pick their battles of who they are gunning for. They gay mafia havd been gunning for Martin for some time.

GLAAD speaks out against bullying yet the gay mafia acted like some bullying mafiasos dealing with this situation. Hypocrisy at it’s finest! The meeting sounds like wasted time in my view with not much resolved on either side! SMH

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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