Newt Gingrich Responds To Ex-Wife’s ‘Open Marriage’ Claims, Slams CNN During 2012 GOP Debate (VIDEO)

If this same so called “elite media” can during a primary debate in 2008 (on ABC I might add) have Georgie Stephanopo­ulos (courtesy of Sean Klannity’s urging) ask Obama about his ties with radical Weather Undergroun­d dude Bill Ayers then I declare Newt’s Superfreak “I want a divorce from you 2nd wife if I can’t have an open marriage with you” past IS OPEN SESAME TO BE TALKED ABOUT!! I am quite sure Newt had no problems with Obama’s past dirt and mess about Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers being dragged thu the ground. So Newt, **** U whining about the so called elite media protecting Obama. There is none of that you portly angry white GOP man, acting like a teenage mean girl that is suffering from small penis complex!! It’s too bad after looking at his adult daughters they inherited his looks! EEW!!

Newt really SHUT THE **** UP YOU HYPOCRITE!­!!
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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