‘Nothing Wrong’ With Calling Rihanna N-Word, Says Jackie Publisher Yves Gijrath

I don’t condone the actions of the publisher calling her a N-word B-word. Yet sorry I can’t in honest good conscious fully support her when her image is one of oversexual­ized and trashy and not much on genuine substance and true talent. I mean really this broad was on some Esquire magazine as the “Sexist Woman of the Year” and whatnot. So how can I support in my heart this heifer who showcases herself ON THE REGULAR in an oversexual­ized manner.

For you dumb *** fans of this broad to get upset about it and not really take a step back and take true notice on her image and how she projects herself speaks volumes about you and your priorities in life and lack of good quality music taste in female performers­.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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