Conrad Murray Sentenced: Michael Jackson’s Doctor Gets Four Years In Jail

Explain to me how Murray treated people without money and who weren’t famous and followed the Hippocrati­c Oath with them and gave them the utmost care. Yet he ABANDONED THEM to go be a doctor to someone who was famous and for money yet didn’t follow the Oath nor give him the utmost care. Jackson yes was an ADDICT but as the “Doctor” Murray had a damn obligation to adhere to his oath and put his GD foot down AND GET MJ help (preferabl­y REHAB) that he truly needed!! Not be a glorified drug dealer feeding an addict because he felt pressured and saw dollar signs!

Defense attorney Edward Chernoff was seriously killing me with the BS Bio channel summary of Murray to plead for his mercy! As if… SMH

Jackson is to blame but not all of it. Murray was last man standing in a slew of doctors who F’d him over just as well!!

Judge Pastor riped him rightfully so A NEW A-HOLE!! HEE HEE!!
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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