Elisabitch at it again with her grating ass!!

I was having both a “Bitch Please” & Wayne Brady moment watching The View on November 15th. Bill Maher had to deal with bitter, petty ass Elisabeth Hasselbitch. Petty, simpleton ass Dizzy Lizzy brought up when Maher on Real Time With Bill Maher last year he did a New Rules at the end of his show about Lara Logan and injected Hasselbitch in the joke. I would have loved this asshole (who was attempting to pimp his latest “New Rules” book) would have looked dead in her face and said something like “Bitch I am a comedian, I do jokes, you are a public figure injected in a joke I did- DEAL WITH IT“!!!

If you find her voice TOO GRATING TO LISTEN TO ON VIDEO click here to get the actual transcript.

The funny thing is she acted like she had the upper hand and strange enough asshole Bill Maher by not saying much to her childish ass WON THAT BATTLE!! Dizzy Lizzy looked like a DAMN FOOL! Regardless of what she tells her idiotic “If I only had a brain” homeboy Sean Klannity when he asks or Tweets her about her face to face with Maher and tells her she did great standing up for herself to that jerk (whatever)!!! Klannity by the way thrives on such theatrics and antics on radio and tv with his lying shady ass!! So he probably was cheering that on while getting a hard on at the same time! SMDH

I don’t agree with a lot of the things this pro druggie, dissing people of faith or believer in a religion, Obama dissing because he’s not a “Real Black man”, falling in and out of love with Obama sucker says that come out of his mouth. When he is on point with something I give him credit for it. Yet the GROWN UP THING TO DO (and unfortunately Hasselbitch is not that) is to have ADDRESSED THE ISSUE OFF CAMERA!! NOT ON!! Sorry but Hasslebitch has the maturity level of my reynold’s wrap in my cabinet. People don’t have lots of time to pitch their items they are on the show for. Maher even as an asshole still deserved to pimp his book with the timeframe allotted on the show! He didn’t get much of any timeframe to do that and I believe Hasselbitch did that purposefully as some kind of petty Mean Girl Bitch revenge!

He is a comedian, she is a public figure and quite frankly if there is an issue with what he did and said to her to make her this offended OVER A YEAR LATER that says a lot about her and her obvious issues and grudges she likes to hold and can’t move forward on as a “so called Christian”. But alas what can one expect from Hasselbitch!!

I am no fan of hers and her ignorance to facts and reality outside of her lily white right wing utopia she lives in!! I still AIN’T FORGOT forgot how she acted a monkey ass fool during the ’08 election with her Fox news distorting of facts BS!

My piece of advice for this 34 year old mother of 3 after that sorry segment that was shown?

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt!

Unfortunately Hasselbitch is a classic example of the later portion of that wise expression… SMDH


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