Random Thought: I am tired of having “Negro Please” moments with Herman Cain… SMDH

I have no issues at all with black conservatives. I like the variety in political thought even if I don’t always agree. It is good to keep your mind stretched out to think and see from different viewpoints on current events. I try to find some common ground at times with black conservatives. But Herman Cain is seriously killing my softly with his song and dance BS!! SMDH

This is yet the umpteenth WTF moment from this Koch sucker “brother from another mother”. Here is a Koch Brothers for Dummies long read (but worth it) to learn THE DEAL about these SOBs!

Notice the cheering from the “He’s a good negro” white folks in the audience. Almost cosigning with Coultergeist’s comment on black folks and this recent DEAD ON OP-ED why whites (such as El Rushbo and Sean Klannity) heart Cain TO THE T! SMDH

I posted the following items on the Youtube clip below WITH NO SHAME!

I much rather have teleprompter Obama than some black man who pacify white folks like yourself because he makes you all relish for the good ole days of “good negros” like Cain who are happy, smiling and make you wish all blacks were just like him and KNEW THEIR PLACE! Too bad this very intelligent man has to dumb down to white folks like yourself!

It’s also TOO BAD HIS DUMB BLACK ASS doesn’t realize his video clip where he hearts Koch Brothers can easily be used in campaign ads. AND I HOPE IT IS USED AS SUCH! LMAO

Book smarts, business smarts but NO COMMON DAMN SENSE with his dumbing down, singing and tap dancing in water melon suits for conservative white folks! SMDH

After looking at that video, I much rather would have preferred he sing a song like this from the cartoon version of his LITERAL brother from another mother… LMAO


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