Two Men who were able to “Think Different” left their mark on society


On Wednesday we loss both Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth at age 89 and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs at 56. Both men changed America in their own way. Rev. Shuttlesworth fought for my life to be better as a civil rights activist and the ability for myself and other blacks and people of color to have a better life and be treated with dignity. His history and legacy of what he has done should always be admired.

Steve Jobs was the genius behind Apple with the computer he helped create along with Steve Wozniak in a garage in the mid 70’s. From there in the 80’s was the creation of the Apple Computer and it’s introduction into the world of all the various innovations of Macbook, IPod, IPhone and IPad some 20+ years later. Jobs always pushed himself to be and “Think Different” on how we look at technology and basically how we do things.

I have nothing but admiration, love and respect for both men in the way they helped shaped American life and made it just a little better! God bless them both!

Here is the FULL SEGMENT of the commencement speech Steve Jobs did in 2005…


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