Random Thoughts on R. Kelly

How in the HELL do you have a parade pertaining to kids and back to school and include this SOB? One who has a history of sex with underage girls (which he was acquitted for) and CAN’T READ and for whatever reason hasn’t opted to change that!! Perhaps if he did his ass would understand his IRS troubles a little more! SMDH

No one thought to perhaps get Chi-town natives Common or a Jennifer Hudson to be a honorary grand marshal for this event instead?

WHY DO BLACK PEOPLE STILL DEFEND THIS MFer??? Yes he makes very good music but I am baffled at BLACK PEOPLE STILL DEFENDING someone like this! I am even more baffled at the dumb asses handling this parade allowing this man to be a part of an event involving kids and education even more!! SMGDH I am sooo glad to know I am not the only one who feels like this EITHER on this HOT ASS MESSNESS!


One thought on “Random Thoughts on R. Kelly

  1. Hey, I wonder if they are showing a different message? In Chicago, where so many black men have needed a second chance (accussed or acquitted) maybe they are showing that people are allowed to move on with their lives after justice is served.

    Now on another note, was he peeing off the float and into the crowd???

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