Right on Gloria Steinem

I am not a feminist although as a woman I am passionate about women’s issues. But Gloria Steinem sista I respect you completely on your outlook on these conservative women and your thoughts on them which I agree with 1000%!! A MUST READ INDEED!!

Someone needs to remind those Lipstick Bigoted Bitches (again I am not a feminist and I have no love for them so I don’t care if it offends) if it wasn’t for the traditional white women’s movement making waves in the late 60’s and 70’s (when both women were roughly in their teens if I am not mistaken) their white asses would still be home baking cookies, regularly praising the Lord (as a fake Christian) and being happy go lucky white women in white suburbia (in the case of Batshit Bachmann). In the case of Queen Snowbilly Bitch she still would be at home hunting moose, making moose stew and moose burgers and popping out babies.


2 thoughts on “Right on Gloria Steinem

    1. I don’t either why these airheads are anti women’s rights! Especially being as white women they BENEFITTED HEAVILY FROM THE WOMEN’S MOVEMENT!! Goodness!! But oh well go figure!

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