Real Talk to all the Obamabots and Fair-Weather suckers on Obama…

Happy Birthday Mr. President!! Hell what better day than on the President’s milestone 50th to post this point of view on mine!

Don’t take this the wrong way but bashing the President (unlike Smiley and West ) and keeping it real on where he stands 50-50 in terms of the economy are two different things. The problem with the President and I have discussed with a like minded co-worker in the past is this. He is very educated and schooled and that is ALL GOOD. But most of America sad to say with their busy on the go life, catching news on the tube, not really looking up news online and getting other points of view or listening to talk radio of both sides aren’t educated. People are listening to what they see on tv and looking at how their personal economics are to make up their opinions on him. That’s real talk!

He really does best to work with his press secretary and press group to carve out a way to humble himself and explain things in simplified plain ole common sense English to American people, even keep it honestly real with them as well on the opposition. That is one of the things I would explain to President as my birthday gift to him. Besides also letting him know the deal overall sucks ass because of no true compromise from the other side on tax increases!! If he don’t do that type of shit he will not get re-elected. If you are a real supporter you would take off the blinders, as well as the ride or die outlook and agree with this and be more objective with your outlook on him instead of be all Obama cheerleader Stephanie Miller and other Obamabots on FB about him!!

Oh and for those like Bill Maher who want the “ angry black man” at any cost (yet are downright fucking ignorant to the difference to what is acceptable for white man to act ain’t that way if you are a black man) please recognize that’s not in him nor in his nature. Even as much as I wish secretly for that spark of Tony Montana from “Scarface” or Nino Brown from “New Jack City” of him to possess. Furthermore he realistically can’t be that way and for folks like Maher (who like to say BS like “Blacky McBlack-Man”) who don’t get it let me bring back that catchphrase popular on t-shirts from the 90’s: It’s a black thing and you wouldn’t understand it! REAL TALK !!


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