David Wu Resigns: Oregon Congressman Resigning Amid Sex Scandal Allegations (PHOTOS)

An asshole who hasn’t learn shit from Weinergate I see? SMH

I am not expecting for politician­s to qualify for sainthood. But I would like the male ones to stop posing shirtless on Craigslist to pick up folks on there, stop texting freak nasty because their wives are away for long periods of time on her J-O-B and they can’t get any sex from her, stop showing their junk in cell phone pics they pose for in the gym AS WELL AS SEXING 18 yr olds and wearing weird costumes. Is that too much to ask for of just those type of simple things?? Hmmm?? I mean we got pressing matters to take care of in our country and these male politician­s got this much damn time to do stupid ****?
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