Lady Gaga On The Toilet For Amen Fashion On Tumblr (PHOTO)

The reason why Gaga is high on schtick and low on actual talent to really make something of her career if you ask me. She makes me love Madonna soo much cause all that is doing is being a reheated Madonna.

I recently watched Bio channel documentar­ies on Jimi Hendrix, Queen and Freddie Mercury. I looked at amazement of the talent of these fellas and their willing to have the right balance of schtick but mostly THE TALENT OUTSHINED THE SCHTICK!! I feel VERY sorry for young folks under 30 who are in awe and love musically the likes of Katy Perry, Gaga, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Bieber, Rihanna. They have no memorable music to look back on with fondness that I can see being played 20+ years from now in the same way the hit makers of 80’s Pop (Prince, Madonna, MJ, etc) is played TODAY!! SMH
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