MJ 2 yrs later

Well it is hard to believe I am talking about two years later and DAMN I STILL MISS THAT NEGRO MJ. Loving VH1 Soul with their music videos they are playing heavily. Hating Latoya media whoring with her book milking yet once again Michael for her own financial benefit at 50+ yrs old (SMDH)! I mentally in my head had predicted either Latoya or Jermaine was gonna make the media rounds trolling for attention on the week of June 25 and I see that the Gods had it for Latoya to have a crack at it. I still feel sorry for kids in this day and age who I don’t give a true shit: Lady Gaga, Bieber, Beyonce and whoever the hell else hot and popping AIN’T GOT SHIT ON MY MJ FOR REAL!!!!

But I found two recent cool ass things that I wanted to post that keep with my positive fondness and memories of him. One is something that is just seriously ill as shit. The other is another product endorsement for soda loooooong before singing about being a “Pepsi Generation“… Enjoy the day…


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