Why Anthony Weiner Should Resign

I wonder about the SOB who wrote this article and states with such glass house self righteousn­ess why Weiner should go. Apparently Jason is lumping Weiner in with the likes of John Edwards who did waaaaaaaaa­aaaaaaaaay worse. The Congressma­n’s actions are horrible but in the grand scheme (unless it is issues of campaign finance and gov’t property utilized) there is far much worse out here. Hey Jason I wonder where the h e l l was your outrage and requesting for the likes of John “I got mommy and daddy to pay off my ho’s hubby with a lobbyist job and her son with an RNC job and my homeboy Tom Coburn had my back:” Ensign? Or how about David “I was the client for the DC Madam who committed suicide and my intimate relations consisted of my ass wearing a diaper” Vitter. Hmmmm
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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