Conservative women enthusiastic about their she-roes?

This article from Washington Post made me seriously  Roll On Floor Laughing My A** Off .  Wow it is amazing and sad to me in a way that you have to laugh to keep from crying.   A crying shame that wearing ignorance of historical facts in this example  (then have the gall TO STILL dwell in arrogance of defending your wrong historical comments) and as well as in this pathetic ass example is worn as a badge of honor, lack of accountability of misinterpreted actions as well as words doesn’t offer one to showcase an apology or humility, a national tragedy involving a death of child and a near death of Congresswoman makes one cop a serious arrogant attitude and make it all about your sorry ass, overt coded racist language by she-ro one and she-ro two is acceptable, fake Christianity to showcase a Mother Teresa like persona is all good and lacking sensitivity and cultural curiousity of diverse groups particularly people of color .  Of course diversity is deemed evil and political correctness is the problem in our society (because of course we should all be Americans and hyping up “American Exceptionlism”). 

Wow amazing to me indeed!!  This quote from the Post article right here seriously kills me:

““They look like the homecoming queens, but they talk like Ronald Reagan” Who wouldn’t want that combination?” says Kellyanne Conwaym,  a GOP Pollster.

 AND THAT RIGHT THERE KIDS IS WHY THEIR WOMENFOLK WILL NEVER EVER EVER HEAD RNC!!  They aren’t taken seriously because while they are liked for their Reagan shit talking they look like some silly simpleton homecoming queens (shaking my head).    The RNC hasn’t had a woman chairperson since the mid 70’s.   I wonder if these conservative women idolizing Queen Snowbilly Bitch (Palin) and Batshit Bitch (Bachmann) even are aware of that or care.   As much flak as RNC gives DNC at least I give them credit for stepping into the 21st century with having a woman take the lead.  When will the RNC do the same or will they ever for that matter??  Will the RNC make a woman going for that position pass a pretty test (voting along gender lines of course of who scores the highest)  along with bragging about the number of guns they are in possession of, their wonderful gun safe they bought and their son who is on a combat team at West Point?

Those in the sisterhood with sound minds and common sense PLEASE LET’S WAKE UP AND URGE THOSE AROUND US TO VOTE!! Let’s make sure to educate the women about the foolishness and evilness of these women who are proud shining members of what I affectionately call The Sisterhood of Lipstick Bigoted Bitches.  These same women who are walking hypocrisy yet idolized to the hill for what they portray to their side.  But hey I guess it is ok to talk about the evils of  socialist ass Obamacare.   Yet at the same time have benefitted from family farm subsidies and state subsidies for the mental health clinic that you run with your spouse .  My conservative sisters I don’t admire your she-roes.  I feel sorry that is all they have to look up to as “role models”.  Women who are hypocritical Fake Christians that are hateful in their talk and rhetoric but cloaked in being pretty & maintaining their feminity.  But alas the scripture does quote on the nature of false prophets so that keeps me very much on the up and up on how I truly see these heifers! But keep a steadfast and watchful eye on these broads as they can use their poison pretty face charm to be a potential candidate that could win and knock out Obama . PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THESE FALSE PROPHETS!!!


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