Geraldine Ferraro Dead: First Major Female Vice Presidential Candidate Dies At 75

She was a bitch with ignorant words during the ’08 campaign about Obama (I ain’t forgot) but for the significan­ce in women’s history I give her respect as a woman. RIP Geraldine Ferraro!


I addressed with a fellow Dem on Facebook who had Ferraro in her profile in this manner:

 I don’t mean any harm to speaking ill will of Ferraro but how can you be a ride or die Dem and not address with concern her less than desirable comments during the ’08 election Erika? I mean I respect her for her place in women’s history but her comments left a very raw and bitter taste in my mouth that inspite of her passing I don’t care for and truly can’t forget! The bigotry in the Democrap party and progressive side is something I get irritated as a black woman not seeing being address by whites on that side.
So sorry if I am less than nostalgic for Ferraro as that is something in the larger scale that needs to be address but sadly won’t in my life time. That is why I am a registered DINO and consider Democraps equally as bad as Rethugicians with their bigoted behavior! I honor her for her history but I will not be saluting her in the way that other progressives like you and conservatives will be.
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One thought on “Geraldine Ferraro Dead: First Major Female Vice Presidential Candidate Dies At 75

  1. I hope she will rest in peace, but a lot of us have not forgotten some of the nasty things she said about Barack Obama, for Fox News, during the campaign of 2008.

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