‘Good Morning America’ Trashed By Chris Brown: Singer Explodes Off Stage, Breaks Window

Intersting to me how while Chris Brown’s ordeal was wrongful and he was a serious ***hole in it why is this being held against him STILL?? I mean this is such hypocrisy with the media. The same media who laughs it off and finds funny an abusive, manic, junkie who makes $2 million on his show and has countless enablers such as fans, a network who wants him back, etc. I wonder why Charlie Sheen (the domestic abuser) doesn’t get the same treatment as Chris Brown by the media?? Hmmm?? Why is it easier for media outlets (including Huff Post) to overlook Sheen’s domestic abuse history (some reports it dating back to 1990) but Chris Brown forever gets the Ike Turner Jr stamp on his head??? Is it that much easier for a white looking latino to get a pass for it than a young black man (because it’s expected of black men to behave that way and not be able to move forward on)???

Furthermor­­e where is the media to talk about Rihanna’s ho hopping from man to man to occasional woman to unprofessi­­onalism at a Trump event being a no show? Hmmm??? You gotta just roll your eyes at the media’s hypocrisy sometimes! SMH
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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