Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal’s PDA In Brooklyn (PHOTO)

Umm ain’t she barely 20?? Hey Jake if this is true why not find someone around your own age or older than you. When did he start looking for chicks at Forever 21? LOL Taylor like older dudes apparently­. Surprising that moms is ok with her being with a waay to older dude. Taylor need to pump her breaks with the fellas and look at the train wrecks like Brittany Spears (who is rumored to be in an abusive relationsh­ip) and Lindsay Lohan. She apparently was rumored to be with John Mayer. Perhaps America’s Country Sweatheart is really a Superfreak on the downlow… LOL

She is a cute girl but she has no kind of womanly shape at all.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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