Reflecting on MJ one year later…

  It is hard to believe it has been a little over a year since this post.  Much has happened since the loss of MJ.  There has been mega media coverage of what has happened with his 3 children and the financial success after death of his estate.    It is still sad for me to bare dealing with as a fan but it was good to see people celebrate the life and radio stations to play the music that brings soo much joy to folks.  Black radio honored him the the fullest on Fri from Tom Joyner’s show to Steve Harvey to Russ Parr to Michael Basiden  After the shows went off the air the local stations was on MJ ALL DAY LOCKDOWN!!  I even got to see some of the TMZ live streaming of the fans at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, CA paying their respects.  Hell I was even nice, classy and respectful to someone who was critical and kept bringing up his past issues when I was responding to their comments on The View Facebook page who brought up the child molesting accusations.

I was sooooooooo glad to hear that his children and his mother were taken out of the surrounding Los Angeles area so they wouldn’t have to deal with the crazed media surrounding the anniversary of his passing.   It’s too bad   we don’t know what in the hell will be the fate of Conrad “Dr. Killer” Murray.

I guess now it is going to be an annual thing with celebrating his death and birthday in the summer.  And you know what I am completely fine with that!!!Famous 18


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