Gary Coleman 1968-2010

It is very sad to be living as I am in my mid 30’s and seeing people I grew up on in my childhood leaving this world before they could be able to rebound back!! Gary Coleman was a memorable person on “Diff’rent Strokes” which I grew up watching as an 80’s child. Little did I know as a child, the struggle and pain behind the scenes of Coleman and his two other young co-stars outside of the half hour I would see watching the show. This is sad that now there was Dana Plato’s tragic loss, recently the loss of her son committing suicide because he never overcame his mother’s loss. Now the loss of Coleman!!

Initially when I saw him go thru his struggles and difficulties I was like dayum why is he soo bitter and angry. But as I saw that he seem to never overcome his obstacles and troubles and seem to have strong aspects of depression, his demeanor stayed the same. Recently I saw him on these commericials for a few years back and was like What The Hell?

But even still the more I began to learn about him, the more I honestly felt sorry for him and wished he got some help for his anger and pain he has had throughout the years. Lord knows that keeping all of that within his small frame with his health issues damn sure wasn’t good either!! I was surprised honestly that there wasn’t an opportunity to have a VH1 reality show centered around him to help him back on his feet. I mean really if they got reality shows giving spotlight to Ray J and Brett Michaels, hell why not Gary for real?? I oddly thought his marriage to be a fluke initially and was sad to read about the abuse and drama around that too, shown on a national scale on an episode of “Divorce Court”. Inspite of their drama they still apparently had a deep love for each other which is good to know!! In the end Shannon Price was by his side as his wife making the difficult or perhaps the best decision for him with his serious head injury!!

I am not sure what his faith or belief is in. But I am betting for sure that the pain and hurt of his adopted parents abusing him financially, his struggles with his health, his bouts of depression and feelings he could never catch a break in life are all gone now.

Hopefully HE IS finding the eternal peace in heaven he couldn’t get on earth!!Dove

And now going back to my childhood…

Along the way I found this PSA he did for the Kidney Foundation back in the day which was very sweet and touching…


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