Pimping The Great, Great, Great, Great American Patriots for self interest??

Wow how interesting the recent scandal involving Klannity’s “Freedom Alliance” charity for the troops. Blogger Debbie Schussel has done extensive research on the tax returns on the charity. It looks as though there is more money going towards things like stamps, consultants and to keep this SOB, his family and entourage living in lavish lifestyles of fancy hotels, gulfstream private jets, and SUV Lincolns and Caddies (during the timeframe these concerts are done during the summers) than to help out the American troops and their families!!

It’s the Great Great Great Hypocritical American unrepentent bigoted MFing Asshole!!!   This fool gotta book officially to drop next week which means  Mo money, mo money, mo money to hustle off the Great Great Great American suckers!!!!  There was comments released by him and his charity on this matter but sorry (it’s the bias in me) I ain’t buying shit!!!  Too damn bad the people following this jackass aren’t smart enough to question these items being addressed by this blogger per tax returns between ’06-’08 from the charity and how much money & scholarships awarded ACTUALLY went to our Great American troops and families!!  God Bless the USA indeed because of our beloved hypocrisy and phony ass pimpin hustlers like Klannity.

UPDATE– Per David Frum  (no longer working for a right wing think tank) this is an update on the matter.  I don’t know if I buy it altogether but in all fairness I did want to showcase the update on the matter.


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