Random Thought on Killer Whales

Why are people incredibly shocked as shit on the death of someone as a result of an ORCA KILLER WHALE?????  I mean it’s not like the animal is a newborn puppy dog.  IT’S A DAMN KILLER WHALE HELLO!!!  When U keep an animal like that in an environment not of it’s own do you expect it to be sweet and cuddly and raised like a family pet???   What is the purpose of a security video system to examine and analyze A KILLER WHALE DOING WHAT IT IS SUPPOSE TO DO WHICH IS TO KILL!! 

I am sorry for the loss of the trainer and Sea World better pray the trainer’s family don’t file a neglient lawsuit (or if they do that they settle out of court).   This Julie what’s her name from Sea World I don’t get what the hell is there to review of protocol while keeping KILLER WHALES in captivity and whatnot for profit and major DANGER to those who work around them.  Then she talks some shit on reviewing safety measures to prevent this from happening again What The F***???   BITCH PLEASE!!!!  Her babble she is talking about makes no damn sense to me as a lay person (and I thought Sarah Palin babble was ridiculous).  BITCH WHY NOT REVIEW THE PROTOCOL TO RELEASE THIS ANIMAL (AND OTHERS LIKE IT) BACK INTO IT’S HABITAT U DUMB ASS!!!  Nuff said!!


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